About Us

Golden Bee, Inc. is owned and operated by Golden and Jonathan Millet. Golden’s father raised honeybees while he was growing up, making Jonathan the third generation beekeeper in the Millet line.

Golden bought his first 1,000 colonies in the spring of 1977. Jonathan was born in March of 1980 and was immediately conscripted into the family business. In 2004, Jonathan spent a year on the Big Island of Hawaii to learn the art of queen breeding, a talent he uses to produce queen bees commercially. The Millets continue to keep their warehouse and daily operation on 17 beautiful acres located about one mile from the Snake River. Jonathan has 4 siblings, all who have been raised working with bees.

The Millet’s now run between 3,000 and 5,000 colonies. They pollinate almond orchards in California, fruit orchards in Idaho and Washington and seed crops in Idaho, Oregon and Wyoming.

Golden Bee produces honey and supplies local grocery stores in Nampa and Caldwell, Idaho.

Golden Bee has 8 frame and 10 frame beehives for sale to other beekeepers. Please call or e-mail for prices and availability.